Is the Laundry Egg environmentally friendly and ethically sourced?

The ecoegg Laundry Egg packsging is 100% recyclable, as is the egg case. The ecoegg Laundry Egg case has a warranty of 10 years and can be refilled with ecoegg Laundry Egg Refill Pellets which helps to reduce single use plastic. The cardboard box that the Laundry Egg comes in now used 56% less cardboard than the previous box design.

The natural mineral pellets inside the Laundry Egg contain no harmful chemicals. We are working with our supplier to find an alternative material for the plastic pellet bags. The bags need to keep the pellets dry and retain the fragrance, so we hope to find something that can maintain the quality of the pellets but be made from something other than recyclable plastic. We are also looking at putting all pellets into one bag for our 70 wash Laundry Egg rather than having individual bags.

We have a process of due diligence with all of our suppliers and will not work with unethical suppliers. We are not able to disclose the locations of our suppliers or sources of our ingredients for intellectual property and competitive reasons.

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