Can the ecoegg Laundry Egg be left in for the whole wash cycle?

Yes. However, the ecoegg Laundry Egg MUST be removed for the final drying cycle if you have a washer-dryer. 

The Laundry Egg was developed purely for washing your laundry and the Dryer Eggs were developed to be used in the tumble dryer.

Therefore the Laundry Egg would need to be removed before the drying cycle and the Dryer Eggs would need to be added at the beginning of the drying cycle.

If you do leave the Laundry Egg in the machine during the drying cycle, it will shorten the life of the pellets

TOP TIP: The Laundry Egg leaves almost no residue on your clothes, the rinse cycle can be skipped or significantly reduced, saving water, time and electricity. Some machines have a 'rinse hold' button, which, when pressed, skips the rinse cycle. If you are unable to cut out the rinse cycle, this will not affect the Laundry Egg.

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