I've used the Mega Detox Tablet and it has made no difference - why?

If there is quite a large build up in the pipes and drum of your machine then a first detox will only dislodge it but won't necessarily get rid of everything. This dislodging will release smells and so we would recommend that you do a second one. 

If you have any more of our Mega Detox Tablets then we would recommend that you repeat the process again. If you don't have any more, we would suggest that you put 1 full cup of white vinegar into the drum of your machine. White vinegar will assist in removing the build up, though we've found the detox tablet most effective

If the above recommendation still leaves you with a smell, then it's likely that the build up is quite large and as a last resort you may have to consider the use of chemicals (which we ordinarily do not like to encourage due to the harmful impact they have on the environment).

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